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For an approved photo for a wayspot, can it be 2 photos into one for submission? I know of a number of wayspots that have 2 ways they could go with the photos but why not use one of those apps to merge them so you get both in the disc?

Perhaps a closeup of a trail sign next to the actual trail entrance that shows both the sign and the actual trail?

Both as individual photos are acceptable but why not as one? There is a way to properly format them in regards to being capable of submitting via the photo addition method.


  • ZeIdaSymphony-PGOZeIdaSymphony-PGO Posts: 215 ✭✭✭

    There are other types of way spots that could also have that. Instructions of exercise stations with the station itself, a park name sign with a photo of the park, and more that I can’t think of. It’s not necessary though.

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