Rejection of my first Wayspot

Title of the Wayspot: Boulangerie St-Vincent

Location: [45.571175/-73.537001g]

City: Montreal

Country: Canada

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim:

Additional information:


when I read the reason behind the rejection I can't understand why, because it says that It didnt answer to the eligibility criteria, so I searched and find that it need to be one of those 3: Perfect place to explore, to exercice or to exchange with other people , they even say that Local coffee shop and popular restaurant are eligible... I just submit a unique local bakery that let people sit outside, to let them talk or eat around a croisant, a sandwhich baguette or even some drink.

I know this is my first Wayspot that i'm asking but I'm pretty sure I did everything right and I don't know how much time the "reclamation" I send will take time..

I don't know if it change something but I think maybe some people are just refusing right when they saw it's in french? But I want to do it in French that's our language here... I really hope my Wayspot will get approved someday...

Thank you for your help :)

Have a great day !



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