Third-Party Text from Twitter and Wikipedia

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Here is your run of the mill survey mark nomination which is frequently found in local review areas.

The description is a direct copy of the first two sentences on Wikipedia:

This description is replicated almost everywhere throughout New South Wales. A copy and paste of the Wikipedia definition which proves the point that these nominators have absolutely no idea what these are, they just submit these because they are approved elsewhere. Now that's not the only thing.

Additionally, the Niantic Wayfarer Twitter tweeted the following in response to the eligibility of survey marks:

This nomination of a cast iron water valve directly copied and pasted the Niantic Wayfarer Twitter's tweet above in this false nomination (incorrectly attributing this as a survey marker) below:


  • This is obviously third-party text on both these instances, copying directly from Wikipedia and from the Niantic Twitter's tweet, right? Should these be rejected as such?
  • I'm not going to mention spam since if a nomination gets rejected, it gets resubmitted with the exact same content as last time, but the reject reason "Title and/or description is not relevant" does not really cover plagiarism or copying and pasting from a third-party source, only for photo. Can it also be added in to the reject reason description as well?
  • Or... should copying and pasting from other sources just be accepted since it's probably better than someone at a church putting "Place of worship." for every single description... and also probably will just get resubmitted to **** until it's accepted?


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    Depends on your stance, the whole point of rejecting 3rd party photo/texts is along the same lines as PRP, Nia don't want lawsuits from IP's (not covered by fair use) that are stolen reused etc

    Is it acceptable? maybe, should it be accepted? absolutely not, will it be accepted? more than likely, but the above point stands.

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