Appeal for the restoration of the deleted waypoint Pont du Rauzel

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I like Ingress because of the strategy it implies and, above all, the discoveries it allows (more than 622 validated waypoints for 782 submitted).

I have the bitter regret to see today that my almost Home Portal has been deleted: Pont du Rauzel (,2.96523&z=15&pll=44.1723,2.96523).

This bridge was built in 1840 during the creation of the new road from Millau to Rodez then vital for the economy of the commune at the XIXth century (see :

If the waypoint was located at the level of a departmental road, its location was shifted to the side and always on the public space, to be accessible in safety. Also, it is possible to access the waypoint through the fields on both sides.

Therefore, I request the immediate reinstatement of the portal and the links they carried.

Best regards

Title of the Wayspot: Pont du Rauzel

Location: 44.1723,2.96523

City: 12620 Saint-Beauzély

Country: France

Photos to support your claim: Attached files



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