Private Residence?

The other day I noticed for the first time a cool carving on the facade of the bait and tackle shop at a nearby lake. It's a nice carving, evoking wildlife and fishing, appropriately. I've ridden my bike past it hundreds of times and never saw it before, so it seemed liked a perfect POI to highlight for others.

It got rejected as "Private Resident or Farm" and of course, "Other." The building does look a bit like a house, albeit a house with hours of operation that advertises Dippin' Dots, but the building is completely visible on Google Maps as a boat rental and concession store in the middle of a parking lot next to a lake. My supplemental information described it accurately as a "store where people can rent boats and fishing gear."

Is it just not an interesting enough piece of art? I don't know that it was handmade by a master carver, but it's not something you can just pick up at Walmart, either.


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    Can you please show your title, text, and pin location?

    First impression is that the subject is not strong, but for the purpose of discussing proving location, having all the information would be helpful.

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    Title: Lake Murray Bait & Tackle Carved Eagle

    Description: Carved wooden eagle on the facade of the Lake Murray Bait & Tackle Shop. See if you're as successful fishing as the bird!

    Supplemental info: Wood carving of an eagle catching fish over the entrance to the store where people can rent boats and fishing gear and try for their own big one.

    Location of pin:


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    It's not the most amazing thing in the world, but I like it quite a lot and would probably approve that. I've personally also had similar, but probably worse things approved. I'd definitely try again. Although it can be seen on street view if you squint enough, not all reviewers are particularly diligent about scrutinizing street view, so it might be worth making a photosphere with the Google Street View app to help prove its location, too.

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    Thanks! I just wish I hadn't wasted an upgrade on it.

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    I agree I have had worse subjects accepted, though I stand by my assessment that the subject is not the greatest. I think the fact that it’s hanging on the wall, as opposed to mounted on a pedestal, is where you’re getting the “other rejection criteria” reason.

    Your rejection reason of PRP is clearly wrong. I would recommend getting a wider supporting image, more like the Google street view, as showing the (clearly non-residential) surroundings will help offset an inaccurate first impression.

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    Almost a year later I have a good news/bad news update on this submittal. I appealed the original denial, still waiting for action on that. I resubmitted the same application, but wasn't willing to spend an upgrade on it, so it's just been one of many moldering in my queue.

    Every so often I scroll through the list and I started thinking about how to improve this one. Maybe it's not an eagle, I thought. Maybe it would be more appealing if I described it more generically as a raptor.... Then lightening struck---it's not an eagle, it's a OSPREY.* Lake Murray has had a nesting pair of ospreys for the last decade or so. There's a huge tall platform built for them on the opposite side of the lake, and every year baby ospreys can be seen peering over the side of their nest. Ospreys are somewhat rare in the region and it's a pretty special thing. Now my POI wasn't just a rough carving, it's a STORY. I put together a description along with some links of articles about the lake ospreys and I knew it was a winner, so I sacrificed an upgrade.


    *Is it really a carving of an osprey? Who knows. Could be. It doesn't matter; it's a good story with a real connection to the place. I was pretty new to Wayfarer when I submitted the original POI, and my learned lesson now is to try to come up with something meaningful about a submission whenever possible.

    And...the bad news is that it didn't show up in the game, so it was all for naught, except for any wisdom I can pass on to someone else. *sad trombone*

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    Thanks for update and mixed outcome.

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    It's funny, you're correct in that it doesnt quite matter.

    I have a POI I got approved as "Dolphin Statue" that I was all happy to see in the game... until a RL buddy of mine was like "Hey thats not a dolphin its a seel"... And edit was rejected lol. But now everytime I look it at I laugh... is a Dolpeel or a Selphin.

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