Pokémon GO Fest: Seattle #MeetYouOutThere

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July 22-24, nearly 40k people planned on joining in on Pokémon GO Fest. For me, this was the opportunity to SOCIALIZE in-person with friends I have formed bonds with as part of the Wayfarer Discussion Discord, EXERCISE because much of Seattle is pedestrian encouraged, and EXPLORE a new place I have never been to. This also marked the first time I visited a large metro (besides my own) with a specific eye for making nominations.


  • Getting to meet fellow Explorers I've developed bonds with through Wayfarer - some from the days of OPR
  • Getting to meet @NianticTintino-ING in person!!!
  • Getting to explore a large and very developed area, yet still being able to find new eligible candidates
  • Being able to see in person the city that has been my Bonus location for nearly 2 years! I recognized a few Wayspots and had an idea of a few potential nominations from having already been familiar with the area - I'll get to check "bus stop" off of my nomination bucket list 😆🤔
  • Banked Upgrades! Thanks to the recent update, I was able to save a few Upgrades to throw at Seattle in hopes of being able to interact with some creations before I even left - and one I will!
  • Two nominations already approved and I haven't even left Seattle!


Nearby duplicates. So many potential candidates I was excited to "discover" while exploring and playing PoGO only to have to spend the time on-site to discover they were already part of the Lightship database.


Me! Kind of. I'll admit I'm the person who isn't ready to nominate if it won't populate PoGO and/or Ingress. I've stated before that something as simple as an in-Wayfarer count of approved nominations and/or an accurate count on my game profiles would be incentive enough, but while I added 2 Wayspots this very weekend with several times more ready, sadly these (and quite a few more I already deleted photos for) will never be nominated by me:

Paper Cranes outside Seattle Center

Black Lives Matter - Art Museum

Thanks for those fellow Way-splorers I got to meet up with, and thanks for Niantic to encouraging me to venture to a place I've never been to and make some of the best memories of this summer. My favorite part of 2022 GO Fest: Seattle did not happen in the park or staring at my phone, it was the discovery of new old friends in a new old place.





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