Title and Description Edit Appeal

Current Title of the Wayspot: Wadham's Lodge At Powder Mill

Proposed (Rejected) Title of the Wayspot: Wadhams Lodge at Powder Mills Park

Location: 43.045666,-77.481439

City: Pittsford, New York

Country: USA

Screenshots of the Rejection Emails:

Photos to support your claim:

(Full version: https://www.monroecounty.gov/files/parks/Maps/powdermillsmap_2022.pdf)

Additional information: My edits to both the title and description would have corrected the name of the lodge (there is no apostrophe in the name) and of the park (it is "Mills", not "Mill"). The title I submitted is listed above under "Proposed (Rejected) Title"; the description I submitted is as follows: "Wadhams Lodge at Powder Mills Park is an enclosed structure with picnic tables and easy access to trails."



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