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Obscenity filter for waypoint submissions blocks the name of a Jewish group.

Jamyeah-PGOJamyeah-PGO Posts: 2 ✭✭
edited July 26 in Report a Bug

Hadassah is a Jewish women's group, and a number of potential waypoints in my area are items created or donated by our local Hadassah. I submitted one and it was rejected due to a forbidden word in the description. It would accept the exact same description with the misspelled Hadasah, so it's clearly those three letters synonymous with **** and donkey that were causing the problem.

I get the point of having an obscenity filter, but the point is not to block legitimate words. If an exception can be made, someone should do so. This potentially could be seen by some as a racially motivated slight.

edit: by rejected I mean that the waypoint could not be submitted. I did not mean that it was rejected after having been reviewed. I could not upload the submission until deliberately misspelling the word.

Also sorry about the double post. First try gave an error.

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