Very questionable appeal decision


I submitted and updated a trail marker that was rejected by the community. So far, so normal (sadly).

I appealed it and was pretty surprised that it got rejected by Niantic too.

Reason: The trail marker is temporary. Wait what?

This is the wayspot in question:

Title: Emscher-Park-Weg - Station Overbeckstraße

I mean, yes, the way these markers are attached, is a bit different, from what one is used to be, but the format is quite understandable and nice. The markers are divided into two parts.

One side is showing the main hotspots of the trail, if you follow it in that direction and the other side does the same for the other direction. So pretty useful. I dont understand how that could lead to the result of considering that markers temporary.

These signs are of course attached permanently. Here are some other examples from the same route:

I hope, you can overturn that decision!

Thanks in regard,




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