Abusive Clusters

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Take a look at these two places and the surrounding wayspots. Apart from the fact that the 20 meter distance rule was not observed in many cases, there was apparently also intensive abuse here.

Apparently the wayspots were submitted to the wrong places and subsequently moved. Because every single Wayspot there is a Pokéstop!

If possible, you should reset the cells and see who was doing this nonsense.


A video of the evidence can be found on Twitter:





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    Will we ever get a response?

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    I took a closer look at the post. The post creator has linked Twitter where there is a video linked on May 5, 2022. I mean that since December 2021 the syncs are directly from Lightship to Ingress and Pokemon Go. It is argued that the stops do not have 20 meter distances. As far as I know the 20 meter spacing only counts for Ingress, in Pokemon Go stops and arenas are placed according to the S2 cell system. Secondly, it is claimed that Wayspots have been moved via support. Where does the contributor get the certainty that support is responsible for this. Was he himself involved in this? Or did the support give out information to the contributor without permission?

    Furthermore, the "cluster" is posted under "INVALID WAYSPOT APPEALS." Where are the clear arguments that the Wayspots there do not exist or have been misplaced or do not meet the criteria?

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    I'll ignore the previous comment for now. Too many translation and grammatical errors. Also spreading misinformation and sabotaging abuse reports.

    @NianticAaron Push

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