Do you think this should've been accepted?

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There's this cheater in my city that works in a remote place, he's been trying to create inaccesible wayspots there since it's a private company to have the advantage.

I noticed THIS WAYSPOT showed up not long ago.

Here's the terrible street view he provided to get it accepted.

To my eyes this is just 2 sticks put together to make a forced wayspot.

It must be noted that this is an industrial zone, a mining company and this a place where they process the mining tailings and this "cross" is located in a not so safe area.

Do you think we can get this removed? I believe anybody can put two wood sticks together, plant them anywhere, call it cross and submit it as a wayspot. Besides, it is known by our community that this being uses many accounts to manipulate the gameboard since he has more than 6 pokemon go accounts and multiple ingress acountss too that they use to review their submissions.

In the next comment I'll provide images.


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