What to improve in my 2 first nominations


a couple of months ago I became eligible to nominate new wayspots and recently I wanted to try it.

One of the nominations was half forced. My parents live in the suburbs of a small town near a forest, which is a recreational place for a bigger residential area. In the forest there are no spots besides 1 gym placed at the WWI cementary. I thought that the entrance to the forest would be a good nomination, as there are tens of people on weekends, but apparently it is not. It was rejected due to being a natural feature (?) and a low quality photo (which I'm sure is not the case).

The second nomination was purely spontaneous during my last trip and it is a bunker from WWII. The bunker is a part of a fortified area and there are 6 of these in the vicinity, of which 1 is already a Pokestop. There are no differences between them: both are reachable from the same village, both are near a rural road. I have no idea why mine was rejected.

If the reviewer actually did some research, they would have found a very similar photo taken from the top of the bunker. I just googled this exact village in maps and it was taken 5 years ago:

Are those 2 nominations really invalid and can I improve them somehow or is it just a malicious whim of the reviewers? How would you rate these?


  • jaaxtmp-INGjaaxtmp-ING Posts: 149 ✭✭✭

    1st Nomination: If there was a sign that shows that it's an entrance it would be eligible, since if your photo shows mostly nature it will instantly rejected (for good or bad). So always try to not show natural elements in photos and focus more on the object itself.

    2nd Nomination: Get closer to the bunker and take a better photo focusing on it. In your photo it looks like pure ground and it doesn't describe what it's supposed to be.

    A very common mistake by people who nominate is that for support photo they don't include the object, they just show the surroundings but it doesn't help much if it's a non-updated street or there's not even a 360 photo. So always try to show include a part of the object (or full object if possible) with the surroundings to make reviewers the task of reviewing and even increase the chance to get the wayspot accepted.

    Good luck!.

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