Multiple rejections that should have been accepted

All the shops in our city collaborated to put some signs with maps all over the city. This is a great addition and you can see people discover some great spots. Lets nominate them as waystops. In our community we have mostly Pokemon Go players, but there is also a smaller amount of Ingress and Pikmin Bloom players.

In our area a nomination needs to be upgraded to get reviewed in a normal amount of time. The whole community worked together to request these stops. To give an example, these stops got accepted.

I expected nothing less and the community loves these new wayspots.

So we nominated 2 more.

Both would seem to be oke for me, but also both have a company name in their nomination. So we took a second try. For the intertoys one, we changed the name and tried again

Clearly visable, no brandname, also nothing in the background. Reason of reject were the position of the photo and the quality of the photo. I dont get that.

For the pet place one, we made this nomination

We changed the title to "Parkeerplaats" that means Parking lot, as its at the parkinglot (yes they are building new shops in the background)

This one is marked as double. The two accepted once are clearly on a different location.

Getting upgrades is a lot of work and there is a lot to nominate. The community, including me doesnt get why these stops are rejected. Its not motivating to request new stops like this.

Anyway these stops can be accepted anyway?


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