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In my local park along a footpath there is this odd feature. It essentially catches water falling off a small cliff/overhang and diverts under the footpath.

I think it is worthy of a nomination. But I want to get it right To me it is is unique. You have to explore to find it. But I can find nothing about it on the net and have never seen anything quite like it. It is not a pipe. It is not storm water drain.

Anyone have any ideas on how I can nail the criteria? Or should I just go for it. Thanks for any help ;-)


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    It looks like a pretty generic looking culvert to me.

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    In terms of naming, is it a small cistern?

    In terms of criteria, I don’t know that it’s a great place to explore or exercise or socialize. Unless there’s a story behind why it was built that way - to provide a habitat for mosquitoes, for example - I don’t think I’d consider this eligible.

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    Thanks Guys.

    Yeah I get the culvert thing. You would expect to see these along roads with cliffs next to them.

    Just where I live. It certainly is not common. Explore can mean many things. Nor would I go there to exercise or socialise. But all the parks signs are POIs but this on off unique feature for the park/area cannot be.

    As for calling it Generic well so are the thousands of 2 inch metal disks nailed to the ground that are accepted as viable POIs so frankly. I am not sure anyone on Niantic can use the term generic to reject a nomination any more. ;-)

    Now as for rejecting thing as they are not places to exercise. I have just had a long jump pit rejected as a seasonal natural feature and had shot put circles rejected for well just rejected for other reasons. So like the above use of generic to reject the use of word exercise seems moot when sports equipement/featurs are rejected. NOT that this is a place to exercise. I was just whining!

    I, and I know it is only research pool of one, I would be more interested in this than a park sign. Which to me are no better as places to socialise, exrcise or explore.

    Thanks again @X0bai-PGO and @HankWolfman-PGO

    If you are wondering. I will not nominate unless I can dig up the appropriate background information.

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    I found out what it is for. Yes it is a form of water culvert to keep foundations safe.

    The footpath in the photo is actually on top of 100 year old sewer line. Where the water falls here was digging away the foundations around the pipe when they were building the pipeline. So to keep the pipe safe they created this feature to draw the water away.

    Sadly no linked information on it. I had to email someone. Any how I still find it interesting. And to me definitely unique in the local area.

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