Status Appeal for "Jalan Rukun 4 Playground Tunnels"

Title of the Wayspot: Jalan Rukun 4 Playground Tunnels

Location: 3.088915, 101.681839

City: Kuala Lumpur

Country: Malaysia

Screenshot of the Approval Email:

Photos to support my claim:

Please refer to the Pokestop approval email clearly stating that Niantic Wayfarer officials had approved this Pokestop nomination. The details shown were based on my previous title and description submitted to the system.

I had submitted this nomination under the Pokestop title "Happy Garden Children's Playground Tunnels" and realized the name was wrong because the playground itself was "Jalan Rukun 4 Playground" which I had appealed previously on another discussion within my profile and was approved by the Niantic Wayfarer database.

Here is a link for your immediate reference and the Pokestop name has been updated recently:

Based on the current details I had provided, I immediately made changes to the title from "Happy Garden Children's Playground" to "Jalan Rukun 4 Playground Tunnels" and changed the description to "Tunnels to lurk around within the Happy Garden Children's Playground" to "Tunnels to lurk around within the Jalan Rukun 4 Playground."

Please refer to this photograph I would like to submit as evidence towards the edit of the Pokestop title and it's description. The approval email used the Pokestop title and description I had previously submitted and it was not updated to it's current state as shown within my Niantic Wayfarer account!

As I am extremely concerned that this would influence the updating process for this Pokestop nomination, I would like to personally inquire with the Niantic Wayfarer officials regarding the current status of this nomination as it is clearly approved through Niantic Wayfarer's official email.

Thank you for your time and looking forward to hear from you soon.

Warmest regards,



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