Is it too easy to reject? (PROPOSAL TO IMPROVE)

Taking a look at discussions last months it looks like there is a heavy increase in "automated" rejections. We've seen plenty of proposals being rejected with random reasons just because it is easier to select something from rejection list than review the proposal and qualify the different topics. Objective is clear: get as many improvement points as possible with the minimum effort. Also it is easy to create a bot to do that... 😡

Approving takes 7 qualifications and rejecting just 1... It is simply too unbalanced and tempting...

So the proposal for Niantic would be: balance approval and rejection effort.

  • Simplify some of the qualifications to yes/no (some of them have easier answer than a star system)
  • Force to qualify everything also in rejection requests (discourage "short" path to improves)
  • Discard votes where rejection does not match qualifications

Let's stop promoting lazy (and cheater) reviewers and encourage real reviews...


  • Ladyfoil-PGOLadyfoil-PGO Posts: 32 ✭✭

    Wait, do people only reject applications to get points???

    Well, that is annoying!

    Here i am, having done 800 nominations, reading them all, looking closely at pictures, comparing them to the given information, careful not to reject easily, since people make an effort to get a new wayspot to be able to play and one cannot deny too easily something that seems of importance to others, and always giving an explanation (does someone read those?). And now you say people reject since it's easier?

    I really hope Niantic uses statistics too, to see if 1) contributors are rejecting a lot on wrong grounds, 2) make an effort to write something when they reject, and also, 3) do not reject everything and 4) take their time to look into all the details.

  • GremlinElboig-PGOGremlinElboig-PGO Posts: 3 ✭✭

    I agree... it takes time and effort for proper reviews (2k here already), and it's frustrating when you see proposals rejected with no explanation and random motives... 😫

    And yes, I really hope someone is taking statistics to ban those "easy-reject" behaviors...

  • thedx4-PGOthedx4-PGO Posts: 49 ✭✭

    I totally agree. I had several nomination rejected because the reviewers thought it was easier to reject than make some research.

    In my opinion Niantic should either remove or completely rework the "upgrade" system. While it is nice to have an incentive to review nominations many "players" just try to mass reject everything because it's easier... I know Niantic tries to resolve this and takes action against malicious users but I believe they are too few staff and volunteers dealing with this as you can also see from the appeals that take months to resolve.

    I believe in Niantic as it has made one of the greatest games so I'm confident they will eventually find a way to fix this.

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