A user creating fake Wayspots over and over and deceiving moderators (Iksan, South Korea)

Common items for all invalid Wayspots

  • City: Iksan
  • Country: South Korea (Republic of Korea)

This abuser has been uploading fake Street Views since 2020, creating massive fake Wayspots in several cities.

He created a bunch of fake Wayspots near their residences for the convenience of himself and his acquaintances.

Google Maps accounts where fake Street Views were uploaded are:

Most of fake Street Views have already been removed.

In this post, I report 22 invalid Wayspots.

The last 3 Wayspots are when the structure has been demolished.


Title of the Wayspot: 도덕회 홍덕수도원

Location: 35.956755,126.92735

Reason: Just look at the satellite image. Photo was taken from 100m away.

Taken location: 35.957571,126.926855


Title of the Wayspot: 용곤마을 경로회관

Location: 35.955173,126.928299

Reason: Just look at the satellite image. Photo was taken from 460m away.

Taken location: 35.958145,126.924734


Title of the Wayspot: 용곤마을 운동기구

Location: 35.954479,126.92838

Reason: Photo was taken from 520m away. Yes, the original location of No.2 and No.3 is one place.

Taken location: 35.958092,126.924773


Title of the Wayspot: 전북예수중심교회

Location: 35.953922,126.926511

Reason: 51m away from the building.

Correct location: 35.954389,126.926554


Title of the Wayspot: 가장마을 쉼터

Location: 35.948324,126.922175

Reason: This place is a garbage dump. The park in Wayspot photo does not exist in this town.


Title of the Wayspot: 용곤마을 머릿돌

Location: 35.95008,126.928719

Reason: Photo was taken from 99m away

Taken location: 35.949183,126.928767


Title of the Wayspot: 길 옆 정자

Location: 35.947599,126.926869

Reason: Photo was taken from 84.1km away

Taken location: 36.630376,127.333358


Title of the Wayspot: 사각지붕 쉼터

Location: 35.946174,126.926486

Reason: This place is a factory. The gazebo in the photo is in an apartment in another town.


Title of the Wayspot: 인어공주 벽화

Location: 35.947477,126.936673

Reason: Photo was taken from 57.94km away.

Taken location: 36.360522,127.330548


Title of the Wayspot: 기쁨교회 석상

Location: 35.947151,126.93461

Reason: The current location is on the car road.

Taken location: 35.947233,126.935046

Overview for No.11-16

This place is his base. In the past, here were fake Wayspots at 35.944107,126.945396 and 35.943487,126.944961 respectively. But they were retired via Discussion #29408.


Title of the Wayspot: 모현 e편한세상아파트 표지석

Location: 35.944906,126.944632

Reason: He intentionally located this Wayspot to the south.

Correct location: 35.945084,126.94464


Title of the Wayspot: 모현E편한 운동기구

Location: 35.944757,126.945219

Reason: Bypass LV.17 S2 Cell rule.

Taken location: 35.944724,126.944942


Title of the Wayspot: 사슴놀이터

Location: 35.944758,126.945654

Reason: There is no playground at 35.944758,126.945654. The playground is in the northeast.

Taken location: 35.944986,126.945978


Title of the Wayspot: 예수로교회

Location: 35.943846,126.944495

Reason: Bypass LV.17 S2 Cell rule.

Taken location: 35.944235,126.9446


Title of the Wayspot: 작은숲벽화

Location: 35.944323,126.943372

Reason: The west wall of the private home is the correct location.

Correct location: 35.94434,126.943255


Title of the Wayspot: 이웃사랑

Location: 35.944035,126.943607

Reason: The taken location is south wall of the same private home as No.15.

Taken location: 35.944281,126.943303


Title of the Wayspot: 푸우 벽화

Location: 35.94182,126.922001

Reason: This Wayspot was recently created. Traces of his uploading fake Street View remain. He was already sanctioned several months ago for creating fake Wayspots. But he is repeating his evil deeds.

Taken location: 35.941669,126.921498


Title of the Wayspot: 숲은 우리의 보물입니다

Location: 35.941774,126.927173

Reason: This fake Wayspot recently created, too. There is no mountain called 구룡산 in Iksan. The photo was taken in Cheongju, a city 78 km away. He deliberately covered the place name with a piece of wood. In the past, He deceived people by cutting the place name in the photo of Discussion #29417's Wayspot No.38, too.


Title of the Wayspot: 육각정

Location: 35.941623,126.927168

Reason: This place is private property. It is a detached house with a garden and a gazebo. On private land using a private security compay, he has submitted a gazebo as Wayspot here.

For the same reason, invalid Wayspot No.23 in Discussion #29417(https://community.wayfarer.nianticlabs.com/discussion/29417) has already been retired. However, he once again created a Wayspot on private land.

Reference - Websites of private security compay

The structures for the following 3 Wayspots have been demolished and no longer exist.


Title of the Wayspot: 키재기

Location: 35.954479,126.94091

Reason: The wall painted with murals was demolished. Wayspot No.19 and No.20 are murals that share the same wall.


Title of the Wayspot: 태극기

Location: 35.954406,126.941528

Reason: Same as above.


Title of the Wayspot: Fantasy

Location: 35.9392,126.936663

Reason: It has been removed by repainting the wall.


He didn't just fool Wayfarer reviewers. He also deceived moderators in Wayfarer community.

Below are examples of his abuse in Wayfarer Community.

6 out of 11 were accepted. However, since you reviewed Discussion #29417, 1 fake Wayspot has been retired and 2 Wayspots have been returned to their original locations.

Case 1

To bypass the Lv.17 S2 Cell rule, "제일고층경로당" Wayspot was moved as desired.

He used RAGEINMAGO-PGO to relocate "제일고층경로당" Wayspot to the outside. He then relocated the Wayspot back inside using Goinma12-PGO(formerly goinma-ING) to create another fake Wayspot on the outside..

Afterwards, a fake Wayspot was created at 35.944107,126.945396. But, via Discussion #29417, that fake Wayspot was retired.

Case 2

He requested to relocat "풀꽃" Wayspot, created by uploaded fake Street View, closer to his residence. The first attempt was unsuccessful, but the retry was successful.

Afterwards, via Discussion #29417, "풀꽃" Wayspot was retired. So, Case 2 is resolved.

Case 3

To steal a Pokemon GO gym, he uploaded a fake street view and tried to deceive moderators by using Goinma12-PGO(formerly goinma-ING), but failed. Retry with goooooinma-PGO was also unsuccessful.

Case 4

He tried to bypass the LV.14 S2 Cell rule in order to create a gym for an acquaintance living in differnt city. First, he succeeded in relocating "삼위일체 소성당" Wayspot from the center of the building toward the entrance of the building.

Then, he made a false report and tried to relocated "자애로운 성모님" Wayspot to the west, but a moderator moved the Wayspot to the east, where its original location. Nice!

He made another false report by using SunnyRose-PGO, but was denied.

Case 5

He made 2 false reports and relocated 2 Wayspots to the wrong locations.

Afterwards, via Discussion #29417, these 2 Wayspots were corrected. So, Case 5 is resolved.

Wayfarer Community accounts he used were:

  1. https://community.wayfarer.nianticlabs.com/profile/discussions/goinma12-PGO (formely goinma-ING)
  2. https://community.wayfarer.nianticlabs.com/profile/goooinma-PGO
  3. https://community.wayfarer.nianticlabs.com/profile/discussions/goooooinma-PGO
  4. https://community.wayfarer.nianticlabs.com/profile/discussions/Ohgoinmaaa-PGO
  5. https://community.wayfarer.nianticlabs.com/profile/discussions/RAGEINMAGO-PGO
  6. https://community.wayfarer.nianticlabs.com/profile/discussions/SurryRose-PGO

The first 5 accounts belong to him. The 6th account belongs to his acquaintance. However, Discussion #26892 was written by him, not the owner of the account.

After some of his accounts were sanctioned via Discussion #29417, he renamed Pokemon GO accounts of goooinma-PGO, goooooinma-PGO, REGEINMAGO-PGO to the differents.

  • formely go****** → *******B****S2
  • formely go********→ Or*C****S2
  • formely RA******** → Me****I*M***

His LV.38+ Pokemon GO accounts are 17+. He has multiple accounts per team. Also he has Ingress accounts in Enlightened and Resistance respectively.

As expected at the end of discussion #29417, he once again created a fake Wayspot at 35.941774,126.927173. As long as his accounts remain unsanctioned, he will try again sometime.

In addition to Wayspots featured in this Discussion, there are still more his works. As you can see from Discussions #29408 and #29417, he is having a detrimental effect not only on Iksan, but also on other cities such as Daejeon. His abuse must be stopped.



  • Sorry for the delayed response, @growgi-PGO. We have reviewed the report and taken action on the 22 Wayspots and 2 Wayfinders in accordance with our policies. While we are unable to discuss our actions in detail to protect the submitter’s privacy, they may include, but are not limited to, sending a warning message, placing restrictions on their Wayfarer, Pokémon GO or Ingress account, putting their account on probation, or placing a temporary or permanent suspension on their Wayfarer, Pokémon GO or Ingress account.

    Thanks for helping us maintain the quality of the Wayspots.

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