Delete Nedre Kolstadflata Fotballbane...

For over 2 years ago there was a football playground.

Now all the whole area are rebuilt to "Dalen Aktivitets park". No football playground here but handball cort and basketball cort and skateramps an 2 Pavillions with places where pokemon players share Seating areas where everyone shares experiences and experience about Pokemon go. Also a nice place for a cup of coffee and trading pokemons.

I have nominated many of the facillities by photos from this area to document that the football playground and Kolstad friluftspark MUST BE DELETED. They does not exist at all.

I hope my nominations will be taken serious as it is as "Dalen Aktivitets park" are today pr. 03.08.2022.

You see the changes on Google Maps or on my pictures i have sendt you earlier, so YOU CAN understand my frustrations about my area and the upgrade who cost the community us dollar 1 645 833,31for the upgrade of my area in the year 2020 when it was finished.. Onely the lights of one statues cost us dollar 411 458,33 so I can't understand that you IGNORE MY MESSAGES ABOUT MY AREA "DALEN AKTIVITETS PARK"

In English is like "Valley activity park" and are a playground for all and every one, and in any ages... There are also many actors who perform for audience here too


It's a shame that you ignore my messages and my nominations in this playground and walking area paid by Trondheim community.

Only 2 of my nominations are accepted but nobody can see any stops i got accepted from Niantic in this area. Sad it get longer time to make my stops, than it took to rebuild this area "Dalen Aktivitets park"! 🤥😡😠


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