Rejection getting out of control - or what is your opinion on this nomination?

Just got a absurd rejection of my nomination: privat property and seasonal object


Title: Former train station Bückeburg-Ost

Description: From 1918 to 1966, this was the Bückeburg-Ost station on the Bückeburg - Bad Eilsen line of the Bad Eilsener Kleinbahn. Nowadays, the former station is home to the very iconic restaurant Minchen - in reference to the small-gauge railroad that used to run here.

Additional Information:

Formerly station, today very iconic restaurant. Very historical scene in Bückeburg, more about the history of the small gauge railroad can also be found on wikipedia ("Bad Eilsener Kleinbahn"). Location is verifiable via street names (see 2nd photo) without problems, good and safe to reach.

It should be clear, that this isn't a seasonal nomination nor on privat property since it's a restaurant.

What can I do to prevent this from happening (and wasting another upgrade) again? What is your opinion on my nomination?


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    I think it's a decent candidate. I think you should focus the submission around its current use as a restaurant with former train station being secondary information rather than the way you have it now. People go there today because it's a lively restaurant with great food and the patio is always packed during the summer (or whatever makes it special to the community... I made up details as an example), not because it used to be a train station. Its former use as a train station certainly adds color, but shouldn't be the main focus of the submission.

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    @X3Nl0-PGO For a restaurant / cafe. At the end of the day the Niantic criteria state - is it a favourite cafe, not best but favourite, not a chain but favourite, not iconic but hyper local and a place to socialise. I would focus on the populor local social place housed in a former train station.

    I think it is OK to mix the two just phrase it right.

    And do not make peope have to go to Google to look it up. Provide links to the history in the supplemental information. Just saying historic and history will be seen as a way to manipulate reviewers. Provide the evidence. And if the restaurant is iconic why and provide evidence. If it is set in a historic area provide evidence. Use council (local government websites) not just wiki. If you have more than one link use it. State clearly where on the webpage or even linked document the supporting information can be found

    Re the photo. The contrast of sunshine and shadow does make photos hard. If you can get a better one that may help. Particulary if the name can be seen.It is tough as the best time of day to take the photo maybe when the restaurant is in use and people are around. I know how frustrating that can be!!!!

    Perhaps use a description that says ""This former railway station is now home to the popular local restaurant called Minchen. It's name is a reference to the small-gauge railway the station used to serve. The building was built in 1918 and served as a railway station till 1966.""

    Regarding rejection getting more popular. I don't disagree with you. One issue is that just as there is a group status in getting places nominated there is also a much bigger group whose goal in getting a Niantic badge by doing enough reviews and that getting that badege means moving to a different level. It means the reviewer is only focused on getting the badge not how they get there. This means it is EVEN MORE important to pay attention to the acceptance/eligibility/content and rejection criteria. And use the supplemental well. Because unless glaringly obvious people will gloss over our nomination v quickly.

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    im getting the same... 2 soccer fields, 1 actual gym, 1 bulletin board and one pizzeria... all rejected as Other Rejection Criteria.

    Soon im gonna start going to reject all nominations i can... takes forever to get a second opinion and a 30 day per 1 :/

    This community is to %¤"#%&"¤ up.

    Why is there no bans on the people reviewing like this ?

  • 000GreenBttm18-PGO000GreenBttm18-PGO Posts: 23 ✭✭

    you had me in the first half, but i disagree that reviewers should anticipate being provided with digitally documented evidence that the establishment is significant. for many places, that doesn't exist.


    For reviewers, keep in mind that even a generic business in a small town can be an important part of the local community.     

    when reviewers are rating hyper-local establishments in areas not near them, or communities in which they aren't familiar with local culture, then all they should be looking for are identifiers in the provided text that the business is significant in some way, that it operates in the proposed location, and no form of abuse can be determined. guessing will only lead to needless error.

    also, absence of accolades certainly doesn't render an establishment insignificant. and for many rural areas, towns and smaller municipalities, even online reviews often fail to paint an accurate picture of local perception.    

    i just moved back to my hometown in bumf**k ny, after over a decade in los angeles, and people couldn't care less here. even the most beloved local spots that have won awards or championed competitions, year after year, have awful reviews online.

    it seems nobody here even thinks to write a review, unless they're pissed about something and need to blow off some steam by assaulting their keyboard.

    it just isn't part of the culture yet. for instance i can count on one hand the businesses that actually have their accurate hours listed on google. and all but one are national chains. 

    google says a nearby corporate grocery store closes at 1am. they bizarrely have a sign outside thats ALWAYS illuminated, all day everyday, that says they're open 24 hours a day. they close at 10pm, 7 days a week...    

    and no one here has any idea what I'm talking about when i complain about this either. my father didn't even realize businesses listed their hours on the web, until i mentioned it.

    basically what I'm saying is for many areas there just isn't a digital trace to prove significance, so as long as the contributor has established that the place is popular, historic, or significant in some way, and no form of abuse can be identified, it should be a no-brainer, really.   

    at the end of the day, we're talking about locally owned businesses, which retain proceeds within their local economies. sure, 1☆ if a muffler shop pops up, but any family owned restaurant, bodega, etc is a fantastic establishment to explore. 

    what are we even trying to avoid? solicitation of lesser known or struggling small businesses? god forbid, we bring any attention to the little guys..

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    Edit: correct myself, I just learned that Links and URLs are allowed in the description 😉

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    That's a few to go through @000GreenBttm18-PGO It definitely looks like there are some eligible things in there that will go through with a slight improvement.

    Has a trail marker very similar nearby so you might have been a bit hard done by there.

    Franco's Looks like a generic pizza place.

    Welcome to Utica and 2nd Eerie Canalway marker could do with better pictures. Welcome to signs are hard sells I guess the Marianna one is a bit different.

    Little League building I'm not too sure about but did the fact it's Little League have an adverse effect?

    Third canalway trailmarker I couldn't see on maps. Does it need a 360°?

    Chesterfields looks like a generic restaurant.

    Gateway to the Adirondacks will be extremely tough to get accepted unfortunately.

    Fixing done of the pictures to make them straight and trying to get them more appealing, no cars in the background. Take them from an angle so you can see the surrounding paths without fences, roads if possible.

    I'm not sure it's a great idea to say that things make great/illegible wayspots. Instead of x is an optimal wayspot I find it better to just say Great for exploring the neighborhood, exercising in a green space etc

    I hope that helps a bit, good luck

  • rufoushumming-PGOrufoushumming-PGO Posts: 117 ✭✭✭

    000GreenBttm18-PGO totally get you. Often litte local businesses do get ignored. And not accepted. When they pass the criteria. I hear you.

    I also accept not everything has a digital record. But my point here is two fold - when you state iconic or historic unfortunately you will open yourself up to the question why? So if no evidence then do not use the words that will draw attention.

    And secondly. Focus on the Nianitc criteria. It provides really good guidelines on why a local business can be accepted. Phrase title, decription and supporting information to address it.

    For some nominations it takes time to get it that just right. :-)

    And these forums have helped me enormously in getting it right. Though I still get it wrong :-)

    X3Nl0-PGO good luck in getting it through

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    @000GreenBttm18-PGO Both "Welcome to Utica" signs are not good wayspots. No one meets at the sign, or does laps around it, or gets out of their car to admire the art.

    The concession stand is also not good. You don't go to the park to buy snacks... and a snack store doesn't qualify anyway. You go to the parks for the sports (etc) - nominate the fields (etc) instead.

  • ZinkyZonk-INGZinkyZonk-ING Posts: 236 ✭✭✭

    Omg such waffle from everyone. Just appeal it. Restaurants are hard.

    I would have 5 starred it.

    The key phrase 'Minchen - in reference to the small-gauge railroad that used to run here.'

    A modern business referencing history in its name - always classy.

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