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    Wow, Supporting Info has been required since 2019. So you want to reject nominations that have been waiting a decision for THREE YEARS OR MORE, whether they're great or not. That is incredibly, pointlessly cruel.

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    Meaning they dont write anything other than the title again.

    Often in english instead of swedish

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    Seems like rejecting is good for the grades 🤣💪

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    Bad supporting info doesn't turn those nominations into ones that must be rejected. A supporting info is additional information, maybe the title, description and photos are good enough to clearly show why that is a valid nomination and there's nothing to explain.

    On the other hand, as a nominator you should think about them as "extra point" that you can earn for your nomination, if the reviewer is unsure but you provide good supporting info then you'll be able to change their mind, if you leave it empty, they might give you at most 3*, other reviewers some 2* and then your nomination has been rejected because you didn't bother to explain clearly why that is a valid nomination.

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    From what I've seen of the people commenting, none of them live in Sweden so they likely don't care if you reject all the nominations you review or not. They're providing information to help you try to get your submissions accepted, not because they're afraid you'll reject their stops.

    I can't say how you should live your life, but most people would be happier in the long term if they got their nominations accepted than if they just rejected a bunch of nominations that will eventually be accepted anyway.

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    But if im so wrong in my rejections why is my grade so high ?

    If you are not voting as the rest of the community you get lower grades right ?

    So all my rejections are actually called for since u have such high grade and not declining.

    The more i passed before the lower my grade got, so rejecting has turned my grades better and everyone is happy right ? 😎

    Or am i wrong ? Should i accept more and get bad grade since the community are acting as the guideline for all nominations and grades ?

    Id like some constructive answers this time becouse as of yet yall have just bashed at me and yet my score says im right and yall are wrong 🤦‍♂️

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    I think the issue is the way you are expressing that you will reject, which comes over as a threat and just doing it no matter what. So because that is how it appears that is why you are getting those reactions.

    If your profile shows as great, then continue in that normal way as it is a good indication that you are voting in line with the community……..but be aware there are times when cabals form to approve or reject if your review pattern reflects theirs you could be caught up if action is taken. So do apply normal rukes.

    There is something that does not quite match. If you are correctly spotting poor nominations from others why have you shown some here that do not meet criteria. An example is the notice board which although it may contain a mix of information the fact that it is in an entrance area that leads to places which include a focus on young children etc starts to raise red flags. It may be a cultural thing (?) but most community notice boards are located outside in a weatherproof box so they are protected and easily accessible at any time. if you were reviewing would this be a easy accept or reject?

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    I reject everything that has people in it or parts of people etc arms or legs etc...

    I also check stops nearby to see if its a duplicate and or moved.

    I also check google maps and picture of the POI, if they dont match its most likely a moved stop to help the nominator getting a stop close to their house or area.

    I reject all that has carplates, mailboxes with names, adresses etc...

    I also check for reflections in glass or if people are behind any glass etc...

    I do a thurough check on all nominations i review 😎 but i also want to keep my grades up.

    So for that reson i reject far more than i approve. At the end of the day, ratings and scores are all that matters in the eyes of Niantic. Wheter it be a good POI or not.

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    If it's harsh or not is of no matter if it's against the rules. They mention bodyparts and rejection and as such i vote. They mention irl names and on mailboxes names are quite common here in sweden so it's a hard reject.

    I just got a restingplace with 2 benches surrounded by bushes and tiles set inbetween them rejected du to other criteria and inaproriate location 🤦‍♂️ and it's nearby a viking rune stone. So its both historical, safe access, no reson for rejections what so ever.

    Yet when i reject following niantic rules im in the wrong, and have been accused on almost every post i make 🤣😎

    Guessing it's time to stop relying on this community for directions and advise since it's to self absorbed and toxic... just mentioning i reject alot sertainly is a thorn here. Yet i reject within Niantics rejection criteria. If so many here are unhappy with that then turn to Niantic and ask them to just auto approve everything so everyone is happy 🤦‍♂️

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    Hi! Based on the content of the discussion, I will be closing it for future comments. I appreciate your understanding.

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