Three New PokeStops Gone

Hi - I'm curious what everyone's opinions are surrounding this. Recently, our community in our neighborhood put a walking path around a pond and we got together and submitted nominations for pokestops. We also put one by our mailboxes/community board and it got accepted. Our little pogo community noticed this aggressive player showing up and taking over all the gyms almost all at once, there was clearly no way they could get to the gyms as fast as they were so we all assumed they were spoofing. We kept knocking them out of the gyms. Then, all of the new pokestops disappeared and one of our friends got an email saying "we've noticed you've been making submissions that don't meet our guidelines". Has anyone been successful to appeal to Niantic on removed pokestops? Our pogo community clearly used them and liked them, but some ungruntled player reported them and was able to get every single new one removed? It doesn't make sense and definitely not fair to those of around here that play.


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