Wayspot is a business

Title of the Wayspot : Tân Hiệp Phát

Location : 10.882666,106.698438

City: Thuan An

Country: Viet Nam

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Additional information:

Translate to english : Established in 1994, Tan Hiep Phat Beverage Group (THP) is the largest fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) enterprise in Vietnam. THP mainly develops, produces and sells beverage products to 63 provinces in Vietnam and 16 countries around the world. Products include herbal tea, green tea, squash tea, exercise drinks, energy drinks, soy milk and purified water. Everyone from consumers, partners to THP employees is always at the heart of the group's business. Thank you for coming to this website to learn about us.(https://www.thp.com.vn/#:~:text=%C4%90%C6%B0%E1%BB%A3c%20th%C3%A0nh%20l%E1%BA%ADp%20t%E1%BB%AB%20n%C4%83m,qu%E1%BB%91c%20gia%20tr%C3%AAn%20th%E1%BA%BF%20gi%E1%BB%9Bi.)


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    There's nothing that prevents a wayspot to be a business. They might be hard to approve, but after they have been approved, you should explain which of the removal criteria (available when you select the removal option in your game of choice) does this wayspot fit. Being a business is not an option in that short list.

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