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Approved waypoints from July 28th, 29th, and 30th not appearing in game.

Five approved nominations from the mentioned dates are not appearing on the Intel map despite being substantial enough distance from existing POI. The most substantial is one 2km from the nearest POI which was also approved from my nominations for the week.

One which went through at 7:45am on the 28th is appearing just fine, the one for about 12 hours later is nowhere to be seen as of eight days later.

I drove 100s of kilometers out of my way on a road trip specifically to submit these. The one town is so remote I had no service so I thought I couldn't submit them, but found out other service providers do have coverage and also that there is a place with public Wi-Fi so I drove 120km round trip on my way back just specifically to get over to this little town and submit them from the Wi-Fi, in order to grow your game. It felt ridiculous but satisfying to get through these hoops to help expand the game maybe for some small town kid who couldn't play before, and now to just see that my efforts were for literally no reason because your system just happened to break and throw these nominations into the void is a huge deterrent from ever doing this sort of thing again.

What is the point of growing your games if you're unable to keep up your very simple end of this deal? We go out, we do the submissions, we do the reviewing, all you have to do is plug the accepted ones into your network and somehow that task isn't met.

And the fact that there's other comments about this same issue here that have also elicited no response from your employees is embarrassing. It shows that your company straight up doesn't care when the people they already take advantage of to do these sort of things don't even get their tiny reward for doing it.

Fix your company or sell to one that will actually do things properly before you drive away more of your player base and have to shut down the whole thing due to mismanagement.

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