Is a long jump pit a natural feature or temporary

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Had a long jump pit rejected as natural feature :-) Mah ha ha ha

But then also rejected as Seasonal temporary....

The first one I don't get. But the second I think because the pit is only used for organised sport six months of the year is was marked as temporary. Why only 6 months? Typcial shared sports ground. Cricket and athletics in summer, Football, Rugby,, AFL, league in winter.

If this is true - it does not make sense as the POI is permanent. It is also still used all year round. Just not as a long jump pit.

Yes it could be considered seasonal because only used in Summer. That too does not make sense. Because many Goal posts for various sports only exist for season as well. Many of the posts are taken away for the season. But the POI was the post. And many synthetic cricket pitches are only used in summer too but they pass muster as valid POIs.

To me. Seasonal is like Christmas trees, Easter Bunnies, Religious or cultural festival stuff.

I am waffling. Anyone have any ideas.... Just curious.


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    Normally I wouldn’t call it either. Can we see the image and text?

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    I think here I more interested in the construct of the wording temporary and seasonal and how that applies to sports based activities. Particularly where many of the Sport POIs on a sports field are sports season based. And the feature used to place mark the POIS maybe removed for around 6 months of the year while the sports field is used for another sport.

    Unless a 100% synthetic football / touch rugby / hockey playing field most Australian sports fields are seasonal. Which means the posts get removed etc.

    To be fair. It was not my best photo or description. So am sucking that up. Just interested in seasonal / temporary meaning for sport based POI

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    I would see it as: The long jump pit, so long as it has a proper run-up track and is properly bordered, is a manmade construct. It is the sand within the pit I would possibly deem as a natural feature. However, I cannot see a situation where anyone would nominate the sand as the wayspot and not the pit itself.

    If the pit is just an elongated 'pit', without a proper delineated border, it becomes very 'iffy' for me. I'd have to see both photos and would make a determination then.

    As for 'seasonal' sports I recognise it as Niantic's intent to allow goal posts and cricket pitches, to name two, as acceptable as wayspots. Yes the goals might only be up for six months of the year, and the cricket pitch uncovered for the opposite six months, but that's part of the local council's planning to make sure such pitches/ovals/fields are utilised to as close to the full extent as possible. Why have two separate fields for a sport that would only use the facility for its intended purpose for less than six months of the year when both sports can use the same field in harmony?

    I've seen quite a few locations where the goals at one end are a wayspot while the cricket pitch (usually covered over during 'football season') is also such. And I see nothing wrong with that.

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    The pit is boarded and is a man made construct. The run up track only exists in summer. Maybe I will wait till then. The pit is clearly supported by google arial photos and website photos.

    Well not sure I am going to go down the rabbit hole of the sand being natural. But the feature is not. ;-) And the other rejection reason was temporary/seasonal.

    Thanks No1ofConseqence-PGO  appreciate the input. All good. Will wait for summer ;-)

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    I asked because a lot of times a reaction such as that is a response to something in the image.

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