Nomination woes

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A nomination I uploaded “later” (which i like to do so i can edit at my leisure), disappeared into thin air. This has happened twice before. I got the “Upload successful” message, but it’s gone like the wind. No response from Niantic on my request for help.

Another nomination i uploaded later, from home, ended up going immediately into voting. There wasn’t even a second of time to put a hold on it. I wasn’t able to edit. Even though i stayed on the “contributions” page like a hawk, it never showed as in queue. The problem is that i didn’t fill out description and secondary info (artist name, justification for the site as a wayspot) when I was at the site since i needed to do some research to get my facts right.

I am courting bad luck with these, it seems. No response on either of these though it’s been over the two hours stated as the timeline for getting back to me.

Am I just having amazingly bad luck, or have any of you experienced either of these problems? Thanks for any feedback. Of course, I’m not holding my breath waiting to get a response from Niantic 😎


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