Invalid Wayspot Appeal: Graffiti that shouldn't have been approved from the beginning

Title of the Wayspot: Graffiti Ojo

Location: 19.367845, -99.140229

City: Mexico City (Ciudad de México)

Country: Mexico

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim:

↑ Wayspot photos in Pokémon go.

↑ Wayspot location in OpenStreet map.

↑ Google maps Satellite image from same location. Blue pin shows location of the wayspot, with the indicated coords. The nine downwards arrows in different colors show where each one of the supporting claim photos were taken, as a guide. Said photos will be shown below.

↑ This photo was picked from StreetView, showing there's no direct access to the wayspot, white building in the backside seems to cancel any possibility of accesing from behind.

↑ This photo was taken from the StreetView from the main avenue, confirming there's no way to access from the rooftops, since there are also other houses that make that impossible and thus it's a private rooftop.

↑ Last photo taken from StreetView. We see there that wayspot is located in the side of an apartment building, by its shape we can assume there's no way for that to be accessible for pedestrians.

↑ As we see here, yellow house is a private residence and thus only the owner can be legaly in that rooftop, and as such, access the wayspot, which shouldn't be the case.

↑ Same yellow building, but watching towards east side. As we can see there are no ways to access yellow rooftop, there's even spikewire in one of the buildings to prevent people from asccessing rooftops.

↑ Three last pictures (framed green/yellow/fuchsia) show details of the vandalized building, showing that there aren't other ways to access rooftop from the west either. This can be further demonstrated if investigated in Google Maps StreetView.

↑ This is the other side of the block in which wayspot is located (see Satellite guide image above). We can see that there aren't any other ways to access wayspot from north side either.

Additional information:

Main rejection criteria for this wayspot should be that it is in a private residence (the side of a building), and possibly "other rejection criteria"/"offensive" because it's graffiti vandalism (style of the drawing is the same as the graffiti tag next to it) but the most noticeable rejection criteria is the evident LACK of pedestrian access, as shown.

Thank you for reviewing.



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