Can someone help me understand what I did wrong here?

This POI is like countless others that are around the lake/park.

Private Residence or Farm: In my mind this supporting photo clearly shows where this picture was taken from the park, but am I wrong?

Temporary Display: I'm also not sure what isn't permanent about a concrete plaque insert that is embedded into the walkway.

I guess what is baffling to me is this would mean MULTIPLE people saw this POI and provided these rejection reasons??? Any thoughts or insight would be appreciated.

It's really frustrating to see an upgrade get functionally wasted by what feels like a bot or lazy review. Like what did I do wrong, POI is in the supporting photo? You cannot get street view into the park, but I hoped showing this VERY CLEAR JUNCTION would make it obvious from the satellite view.

I have been a Wayfarer for less than a month and this is the second time I have been given a random rejection with no context that makes sense based on the submission. I already had to use an appeal for a Niantic reviewed wayspot (and the appeal was accepted).... is 1 appeal a month really all we have as a tool to escalate something like this? Upgrading is the only way I’ve seen a nomination go all the way through since starting, 1 appeal every 30 days does not incentivize me to do more than 1 upgrade a month; which feels contrary to the obvious need for reviewers.


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