Murals advertising local businesses

Hey fellow wayfarers,

I need a clarification regarding a mural on a tower at a local carpenter’s workshop. In my opinion the mural itself could be eligible but it functions as an advertisement for the carpenter’s workshop. Given that I’m not sure whether or not it is still eligible. On the one hand the criteria says local businesses can be eligible but on the other hand there is more additional information given like the businesses address which makes me unsure about it. The POI got rejected multiple times already and I’m planning to appeal it but before I do I want to be sure this could actually change anything about it.

I think I saw a clarification for this exact case a few months ago but I can’t find it anymore.

Thank you for your help in advance!


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    The general rules of thumb are:

    • If it's unique to the location, it would be eligible.
    • If the same "mural" is used at various locations of a franchise, probably not

    In this case, my hunch says it's fine. You're not submitting the business, but a unique piece of artwork at the location

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