Apeal to Apeal ! Review with double standards ? memorial plaques !

They give us the opportunity to appeal to community disapprovals. But where is the point of an appeal if your in-house reviewers have no idea and/or make their own rules and rate them differently!?

It really can't be that 2 same appeals get different results and this isn't the first time this has happened!

Appeal #1, a memorial plaque to a locally important person. This appeal was accepted!

Appeal #2, different location, same type of nomination/appeal and in itself the same location where these plaques are affixed.

Why do memorial plaques suddenly no longer meet the criteria? Are there differences in what counts as an honor and what doesn't? And access for pedestrians?!, if that's the case, then all wayspots that are near the streets would have to be removed!? I mean, after all, there is a pedestrian crossing at this exact location!

• Title of the Wayspot: Denkmalplakette Maximilian Kolbe

• Location: 51,4775903, 7,2140543

• City: Bochum

• Country: Deutschland/Germany

• Screenshot of the Rejection Email:


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