How do you handle the 25 km remote submission range for your own submissions?

I know that my current situation might be somehow special. However, since the early days, submitting POIs (earlier just portals) is somehow my passion. I've currently over 500 accepted POIs. But lately I often get stuck with the limitations of one submission daily, up to 40 accumulated and the maximum range of 25 km for remote submissions. This might sound ridiculous but I often have weeks where I am able to make a few trips to sometimes rural (in the sense of existing POIs) locations. I guess it's clear that it can be very frustrating having to decide which POIs to submit and which to ignore even if they are memorials, prominent art installations, hiking trail stations or important historic information signs. To clear this up, I don't submit 365 POIs a year, i don't always exhaust all submission slots especially in episodes where I am not able to travel, but there are episodes where I could submit many more POIs as we are allowed.

How do you handle those kind of situations for yourself? I'd really appreciate tips of any kind.

Right now I tend to take a photo of every potential POI I see. When my trip ends, I choose the best POIs (which is sometimes just awful) and submit them. For all of those which don't make it because of the regulations, I save the photos for later, look up the 25 km range to consider when I might cross it someday later and prewrite the title, description and supporting text in a memo app.

But to be honest, this practice leads to more and more potential POIs aggregating and me considering to redo trips to some places just to submit those. Overall, this is often frustrating and there are moments where I miss being able to just travel to remote places and submit the often unused potential for POIs of smaller villages.


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    Trainer, be sure: one day you have submitted every POI in the 25km Area around you.

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    I was out on a trip recently saw these, checked to see if there was something else 'nearby' there was but did a 360, took some pics and a couple of notes anway. Returned to where I was staying and got pinged back when submitting because I was too far away :(

    So the answer is I usually F it up.

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    I tend to do things in splurges.

    So I have usually built up 40. Like Gendgi I could submit in Pokémon Go but as I always submitted in Ingress I have continued to do so - plus I use PTC for PoGo so I haven’t bothered.

    I also try to submit reasonably good POI ( but that is subjective) and from home if I can so I can properly research etc. Though if too far away I will submit pics and hope not to get caught out if Niantic taking them before I can write them.

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    I try my best to plan ahead when I know i'll be traveling to a place with potential nominations that's further than 25km from where I live, and the further away it is the more I try to plan. Typically this means holding off on nominating anything nearby for 1-3 weeks in advance so I can let my available count build up. Additionally I will do what I can to scout potential nominations in advance so I have at least a very rough estimate for how many I will need. Sometimes this means finding specific nominations, other times it simply means looking at how many wayspots exist there and trying to guess what I might find. For example, earlier this year I visited a state park about 100 miles from where I live. I could tell from the Intel map that it had very few existing wayspots and I could see online which trails and amenities it had so I knew I would need a lot of nominations and that I would likely not be within submitting range again for at least a year or two. Because of that, I made sure that I had a full allotment available in Pokemon Go and more than half available in Ingress. Sure enough, I nominated 48 things while I was there.

    For most of my time nominating, I have only loosely tracked what I plan to nominate in the future. I've usually been able to nominate things right away, and when I couldn't I was able to just mentally track the handful of overflow along with my phone's photo gallery. Recently however, I had two trips back to back plus I've found a whole slew of new things to nominate close to home so I've had my nominations maxed out in both games for a month and a half now. As the local stuff continues to pile up I've become worried that I will eventually forget things so I set up Wayfarer Planner ( to help keep track. Within just a few days I have 18 potential nominations as well as over a dozen edits tracked using that tool. I highly recommend it!

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    When we didn’t have Upload Later, I used the 25km submit range a lot.

    Take two photos of the POI, and then when I got somewhere with good signal/WiFi, do the normal nomination process trying to place the pin where the photo location is on the map and hoping reviewers would correct if I got it a little off.

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    I also build up my 40 nominations and submit once I hit that limit. I can't reach the CBD from where I am, so if there are a lot of nominations out there, I'll travel out and usually spend a day central to where I want to submit things and then use my 25km radius to submit things from a place like an Internet cafe where I can cross-check locations. I call them submission hubs, as I wrote in a previous post.

    If I end up being on a trip well away from home, then usually I'll submit things on the go as I pass by them and give them a very basic description and supporting statement (which is usually rubbish typing like oijndgikjnajgn or something else). I don't spend the time out in the field writing descriptions and doing research, I use the 24 hours before a nomination goes into voting. So something like a hotel room on a laptop if I'm on a multi-day trip.

    At least... I used to. The function to submit later is poor where signal is sketchy in regional areas at best so I have no faith in that function. Fondly remembering the days of Scanner [REDACTED] when there was no distance limit whatsoever.

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    Badges etc don’t motivate me. But if a certain level of agreements or Accepted POI could unlock access to being able to submit at an increased distance then I would be interested.

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    I found this thread while searching for confirmation that there IS in fact a distance limit, having just struck it. A couple of days ago I had to do a trip to collect my son, and in one town there was enough signal to capture the uniques, but not enough to upload nominations. After wasting 10 minutes on one, I just took 2 photos each of four POIs just begging to exist. Trouble is, the place is just over 100km from me. I'm a little miffed.

    An arbitrary limit doesn't make much sense. I get that they need to prevent nominations from halfway round the world using stolen images, but a more sensible restriction might be that you have interacted (e.g. deployed) on a nearby (say 5km) portal recently (say a 7 day timeframe). I.e. evidence that you have been there.

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    I honestly wish it was further, or no limit at all. I have some photos of candidates on the other side of the country. And it could actually be useful to create wayspots in extremely remote places. Someone who cannot nominate due to level restrictions could send photos of a candidate and let others submit for them. I think that worked in Ingress in the "early years"

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    Same for nominations. I wish i had more, too many candidates here

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    I don't mind the limit at all: if I have enough cellular connectivity to even open the game, I just go through the normal process and choose "Upload Later". When I'm in a remote area with no data connection to be had (I spend a lot of time in forests and swamps) I just take my photos, drop a map pin to mark location, and move on. Since I know there's a 25km limit I always find a nearby town or settlement to upload my pending nominations before I proceed home out of range.

    Recently I went on a submission trip with a friend and we spent all day in a low-coverage area: along the way home we stopped at a convenience store with guest wifi and submitted our day's work, adding in a picnic pavilion at that convenience store that later became a gym. 😀

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    Upload later has been a game changer for pics and nominations. I feel like 40 is sufficient for a trip of any distance.

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    I'll run out soon and still have so much to submit...

    I wish there was a way too earn additional nominations too

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    I almost always submit the wayspot in Ingress at the wayspot location using "upload later", that drops the pin in the most accurate location - the only time I don't if there's some tricky photo work needed such as blurring of license plates or people which is easier on my PC. I favour Ingress over PoGo, but I'll use PoGo if I run out of submissions.

    The workflow that seems to be best for me is:

    1) Take a photo in 1:1 format with the camera app, then crop it or enhance contrast and saturation if it's a gloomy day or the lighting is poor.

    2) Submit the wayspot at the correct location, use the existing photo for the main one - for the supporting photo try to make sure that there's something in the picture that will help locate it. No need to add the description or supporting text at this point. DON'T UPLOAD IT YET.

    3) Make a photosphere if I have the kit with me. It really annoys me that Google seems to be trying to make this as hard as possible.

    4) When back at base, first submit the photospheres as this can take a little time to be processed.

    5) Upload all the saved wayspot nominations, then log into Wayfarer on my desktop computer and set all the nominations to HOLD.

    6) Trying to write text in the field is prone to errors, so edit the nomination on a desktop browser and write a good description and if necessary find some references for the supporting text.

    7) Release the hold for each completed nomination and keep fingers crossed.

    Of course, if the nomination gets rejected I can download the pictures from Wayfarer and resubmit the wayspot, using the map on the original submission to make sure I get it in the correct location. I've cleaned up quite a few old rejected submissions in this way and had them accepted.

    I was surprised that Ingress has a 25km range, but PoGo only seems to be about 10km..

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    One thing I don't really understand is why there are different limits in Ingress and PoGo. I consider it would be positive if PoGo could have the 25km limit too. In my case, I don't play Ingress so I just have the 10km limit and there are sometimes I need more and I can't submit.

    Also, I think it would be a great idea if you could have more nomination range if you have a Great score in Wayfarer or depending on your number of reviews. That could be an incentive to review more and correctly. Also, in general, it would be nice if the nomination range could be higher like, for example, 50km. It would be a nice start, Niantic could see if it implies more abuse or if is the same number. If there are not differences, then it could be a possibility to increase the range.

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