Not a Specific Appeal...

Kinda new to this, but I've had a few portals accepted. I think I know the lay of the land. But is this "cemeteries are sensitive locations" business new? Because every Historical Cemetery, plus quite a few plain old cemeteries in RI are portals and littered with portals. As a religious person who leans towards reverence for his ancestors and the dead in general I have zero issue with this. People exercise in cemeteries. They do it every single day. I might stop to say a prayer before I go in to play a game, but that's my conscience and my practice.

Now it seems that every cemetery just gets the "sensitive location" rejection. And I think this is being unevenly applied, at best. I recommend one actual Historic Cemetery and one that isn't on the registered but is historic for being a Jewish cemetery in a predominantly French Catholic immigrant town (with a serious Quaker history), furthermore wedged between two Historic Catholic Cemeteries. Neither of my nominations are run of the mill anything.

Also... what's the appeal limit? Once a month? Because I appealed one decision and I don't seem to be able to appeal the other.


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