Rewards for accepting PokéStops, as well as accepting Portals !



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    Bear in mind that there are other logistical differences between the games. In PoGo you can earn in-game currency by doing things in the game. In Ingress you just buy it (or get some with your monthly C.O.R.E. subscription). Hypothetically, would you give up the ability to earn free coins in order to get small rewards when your submissions are approved? No? I didn't think so.

    I think arguing that it's not fair that one game gets something and another doesn't is kinda silly. They all have different mechanisms for different things, and that's awesome. I'd hate it if Ingress was like PoGo, and a lot of people would hate it if PoGo was like Ingress.

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    @TWVer-ING Basically, a lot of the discussion seemed to be rooted in the sentiment "It's not fair that Ingress gets this and PoGo doesn't." My intent, which I admittedly did not do particularly well, was to point out that PoGo also has rewards that Ingress players don't get. The games are different and that's perfectly OK. I actually think it would be cool if PoGo players got a gift from their newly-created stop but I don't think "because Ingress players get something" is the best argument to support that.

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    I like the idea of a reward for accepted nominations for the nominator. However, I also recognise the sheer amount of further abuse inherent in that. That is why I believe the reward, if any, should be very carefully considered. Too little and it's pointless; too much and the amount of abuse of the system would skyrocket.

    To me and though I do not actually play the game it sounds like the reward for Ingress-based nominators has hit that sweet spot. Now they just need to find it for PoGo-based nominators.

    My personal recommendation would be something like a Poffin (as a fellow reviewer has previously mentioned elsewhere in this fora), one or two Rare Candies, a Raid Pass or a standard Fast TM (and I'm a bit iffy about the Fast TM as it might be just a tad bit too much); and perhaps an in-game badge for your avatar.

    Yes, coal would increase. The payoff for us as Wayfarers/Reviewers is an increase in reviews we can easily reach to get those, for many, much cherished 'Upgrade's. I keep smacking hard into the 'Good Job! Come Back Later!' screen when I'm just getting into the groove of reviewing and would be more than willing to go through more.

    But I also recognise there are those who feel they're doing more than enough and I definitely have no problem with that. Reviewing is, after all, voluntary.

    It would just be nice to have that voluntary work better recognised and shown by Niantic to be valued.

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    True, but "There are also features in Pokémon Go that Ingress doesn't have" isn't the best argument against it either.

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    This is all great for those of us who already use Wayfarer. We already do it for nothing or next to nothing on a system that has many faults.

    Rare candy, fast/charge TM, stardust unless it's a huge amount, poffin, raid pass rewards are not going to encourage new people to invest in Wayfarer.

    Niantic already have us adding Wayspots for us. This is a $9 billion company that feels it's ok to cut their staff and leave the current staff overworked and probably underpaid.

    I'm not entirely sure why they would invest the time into throwing us a few measly items.

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    Unrelated rewards for unrelated tasks are.....unrelated (and irrelevant).

    Through both games, you can do this "meta," non-gameplay task. The game is just a vehicle to get it started.

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    That's what I said. I don't think that the badge would provide an incentive to nominate rubbish, since enough and too much rubbish is nominated anyway. Therefore there would be no arguments for reactivating the "Seer Badge" for Ingress & for PoGo as well. I can at least speak for my community, where no one feels compelled to push certain badges if they can't motivate themselves, like being a reviewer. But I think players who commit to Wayfarer with a lot of time will be more than a little happy to have a marker showing their progress on Wayfarer, especially if you accept +100, +200, +300....Wayspots got !

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    I think "unfair" is the wrong term for the discussion. I also play both and can say that I don't really care about the 1000 EXP if a wayspot is accepted. But what I'm looking forward to is the key, so I can do that Portal can then look at and or what the environment looks like. I would like the same thing in PoGo with a gift, if only to be able to save it in the photo album, especially if it is a PokéStop far away (vacation, visit, etc.). It's more of an appreciation for the success you've had. Personally, I wouldn't care what other rewards there would be (Rarecandy, Incubator, Raidpass, Puffin, etc.), the only important thing would be the gift. I wouldn't say that Ingress & PoGo would be too similar just because you suddenly get rewards for the same success, the mechanics of the game are too different for that.While I would say that in Ingress you can get a small amount of in-game currency, I would also support it just to be able to increase the inventory (that is but another story).

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    I'd think any reward in any game should be in the form of something you cannot purchase through cash or coin within that game from the in-game shop: sure, AP and XP can be purchased, in a way, through the use of Apex or Lucky Eggs, but you can't just go to the Shop and shell out for XP directly. Dust is similar, in that you can purchase star pieces, but not the dust itself. I think Poffins or Raid Passes are a bad idea, because you CAN purchase those directly.

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    In that case, can the Ingress players get the "4 hacks before burnout" limit removed on Portals, PoGo players can stand by one stop and spin all day. Thats not fair.......

    As noted, the two games are totally different in actual gameplay, and in the attitude of how the game is or should be played. No need for a reward for making a Pokestop.

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    We seem to have gone down a route of comparing experiences.

    The differences are there for historic reasons.

    Ingress is older and is where the submission and maintenance of points of interest, POI developed. It was integral to that game. So as part of that game it naturally acknowledged what people were achieving within it.

    PoGo came later and creating POI a was not part of the game.

    Although not in place by the time it was decided that PoGo cou,d access wayfarer, it is now clear that the intention to create Lightship and set it apart and the access PoGo players had was just that, access and not part of the game.

    Moving forward I suspect Niantic want clearer water between lightship and the games. So a lot of what is possible in terms of acknowledgement is dependant on each game. It needs access via the games as that is a key motivator.

    Although I play both, my play in Ingress is sporadic but PoGo is where I get my regular game fix. Because I started as wayfarer in Ingress that is where I continued even when PoGo gained access. In addition I sign in with PTC onPoGo and do not have a Google account linked. I like the clear separation ( when WU was available I kept that separate too) So there is no link back from wayfarer to PoGo.

    Having wayfarer as a log of what I have found and created works for me - lots of room for improvement, but that is where I can see it all together.

    it would be a nice touch if I could choose to send a key/gift/ or equivalent to a few people (maybe 2or3) across any game - so I could send myself a key or postcard. That might even be a small gesture wayfarer could to give players now and then - eg to celebrate New Year wayfarers can send presents to 5 players.

    Which is all a very long winded way to say maybe we shouldn’t automatically get anything in any game but improve wayfarer and give us a little control.

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    I'd quite like a way for them to encourage and incentivise new submitters/reviewers as a priority over rewarding me.

  • The26thDoctor-PGOThe26thDoctor-PGO Posts: 4,612 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I've found that in local groups of say 50 people there will be maybe 1 or 2 who are willing to take the time to go through the Wayfarer process and 3 or 4 more who submit occasionally when they see something but don't actively look for submissions.

    Even the 3 or 4 who are less active say the process is off putting, confusing, frustrating, intelligible etc etc

    The percentages are pretty similar in larger less local groups too.

    I'm not really sure how to change that so that people enjoy Wayfarer without a massive overhaul of the system.

    I'm digressing though so can I get an in game t shirt and Wayfarer pose, pleeeeease :D

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    As far as what should be prioritized, this isn't an either or thing. They've made it clear the two teams of developers are separate. The Pokemon Go team can work on adding gifts for new wayspots without slowing down any work being done on Wayfarer.

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    Absolutely right thinking. Wrong idea in my view.

    The Niantic Product Managers should not in any way enable gamification of the key thing that makes for good POIs.

    It means nominating and reviewing will be gamed. As they are already. The use of badges, points, stardust etc breeds behaviour that encourages the wrong actions. This is one of those things.

    I don't want rewards for doing the right thing for a better game. We should embrace and talk about what we can do for that.

    There are other ways to make the game a better place.

    We are at a point where there is increasingly less "good" stuff to nominate. This means an increasingly rapid decent in the quality of nominations and the increase in people banding together to get stuff through.

    The line has to be drawn somewhere and now is about time to think about a host of other ways to participate in the game.

    And if you want more stuff to nominate. Work together in your LGA to get more community facilities built, encourage the arts, little free libraries, proper park signage etc.

    But the rewards for nominating and reviewing must stop. And the training given to people on what quality nominations and reviewing looks like improved.

    I like the new activity scent. Things like that that encourage getting out being active, social and exploring. The whole idea in the first place. Far more ideas like that would be cool. How else can we get more fun of meeting those three key things.

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    I can see to some extent that the Pokémon GO trainers here are requesting a gift as a reward when a new wayspot is approved.

    Certainly 1000 XP and a gift or so would be nice.

    However, this is only the Wayfarer forum.

    The Wayfarer team has no decision-making authority over the Pokémon GO system or rewards.

    Therefore, requesting rewards from Tintino, Giffard, etc. will not solve anything.

    The staff you should request this matter to is Michael and Tatsuo.

    Wayfinder here should try to make a request to them.

    Also, I know you all already know this, but I would like to add something because it may be misleading: you can only receive 1000 APs and portal keys in Ingress if they are added by Ingress.

    If you are not added in Ingress, you will not receive these rewards.

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    For me it's more to do with recognition, rather than reward. I only would like the reward as it is a way to provide recognition by Niantic that I'm doing good for the game. However, if Niantic - or anyone else for that matter - can come up with a better way to provide recognition for the unpaid effort we've put into improving the collective gameboards other than a token reward, I'm all for it.

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    I was talking to my SO the other day, and I was asked if I get some kind of reward when someone uses the pokestop for the first time / or the gym.

    Infact that should happen, but it doesnt.

    Personally I think that Niantic Wayfarer always should be more in symbiosis with the games that are behind. ☝️ From one part of the company to the other is antisocial.

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    @No1ofConseqence-PGO Isn't having your username on the photo exactly that recognition?

  • PkmnTrainerJ-INGPkmnTrainerJ-ING Posts: 5,046 Ambassador

    You get your name on the photo of the Portal/PokéStop, so that everyone knows who nominated it. Is that not recognition?

  • rodensteiner-INGrodensteiner-ING Posts: 1,686 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I turned that off, because that is an information I don't want others to know

  • BochumJules-PGOBochumJules-PGO Posts: 498 ✭✭✭✭

    No, it's not, precisely because other players can also add photos and if the Wayspot has 3 photos then there are 3 names! So I wouldn't take it as recognition either.

  • PkmnTrainerJ-INGPkmnTrainerJ-ING Posts: 5,046 Ambassador

    Maybe it needs to be more obvious, like it is in Ingress, but then that’s for the Pokémon GO team to look at.

    To address the other comments, @rodensteiner-ING it seems you’re asking for recognition and then shutting off a way of getting that. Of course, it’s up to you, but it seems odd to complain about recognition and then close it off.

    Regarding your point @BochumJules-PGO , users can still see the first photo and it’s rare that a new photo will get added shortly after, so for a few months at the very least, anyone using that Wayspot will be able to see the name on it, and then if another photo is added, they can still look back and see the first one that was added.

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