Would like feed back on why this nomination was rejected

Hello, just want to ask and see what i can do to help make this place a pokestop.

Anything i can add? am i doing something wrong?

All feedback is welcome.

This is my second nomination.

Trying to improve my nominations.


  • Farbsturm-PGOFarbsturm-PGO Posts: 22 ✭✭

    First of all it is importent to convince the reviewer that this is a wayspot. To me it seems like a casual shop, so my thirst thought is it is not a wayspot. And at this point there are already some reviewers declining it. So this is a very tough spot to get accepted. As suggested before, try to find something more easy to nominate. Another thing: Never ever write anything about the game you are playing. Your supplement information says "trainers" and some might decline it because of that even if it is just in the supplement text. If you write anything about portals for ingress or stuff about pokemon go in the description it is a instant decline and even if it is just in the supplement information like here some people will decline. Say Wayspot not pokestop or portal and don't mention anything from the game your playing.

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