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(Same issue but worse) Portals appearing in Pogo but not ingress


I have had 3 submissions accepted on each day of Aug 13th/14th/15th and those have never appeared in Ingress. (All submitted in Ingress and accepted ones after Aug 16th have become visible with no problem in both Pogo and Ingress.)

I've read that I can make sync on my own liking the photos of Pogo so I've just done it and will wait till tomorrow.

But unfortunately one of my submission is only for Ingress so I cannot press 'like' on it. (It's the second portal in it's S17 cell but of course 20 meters away from others!)

So can you please review it thoroughly and let me know what's going on? @NianticVK

Thank you.


① Title : "나뭇잎 깃발 석상" / Location : 37.653269, 126.690603 (This one is only for Ingress.)

② Title : "베어하우스" / Location : 37.650911, 126.696433 (Already in Pogo but not in Ingress.)

③ Title : "새와 나무" / Location : 37.650142, 126.696355 (Already in Pogo but not in Ingress.)

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  • GentleButPsycho-INGGentleButPsycho-ING Posts: 2 ✭✭✭
    edited August 2022

    One more portal's in Pogo already but not in Ingress, however I think this one is within 20 meters from previously appearing one.

    (Title : "바닥분수대" / Location : 37.650056, 126.695576)

    So is it correct if I say "No 20 meter rule's in Pogo and it's only for Ingress"?


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  • GirlIsNoOne-PGOGirlIsNoOne-PGO Posts: 23 ✭✭

    I have the same issue.

    3 waypoint accepted Aug 14 and 15. One has appeared in pogo, the other two occupy an already occupied pogo cell so aren't visible, but ae more than 25m from the nearest ingress portal.

    Another wayfarer in my area has experienced the same problem as well just for portal approved between Aug 14 and 15.

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