Immediately making a nomination In Voting status hurts the submission when you add temporary info

My process for nominating.

  1. Via app, add new pokestop with minimal information in the fields. Sometimes I don't have the time to add the info or I don't have the complete info on hand.
  2. Choose to Submit Later
  3. Upload when I get home
  4. Use the web platform to edit the nominations with the relevant info


A few of my nominations have been going directly to In Voting (Niantic) status immediately on upload, preventing me from adding additional information to supplement the nomination with better info. Therefore, the nomination is essentially wasted.


  • Kroutpick-PGOKroutpick-PGO Posts: 362 ✭✭✭

    Same problem here... the solution for me is to upload at home, in front of my computer and manually put every submission "on hold" to have enough time to edit info.

    It was easier before when we had at least some hours before a submission goes "in voting"

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