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I’ve submitted this location multiple times with these photos and have had some odd rejection criteria, any suggestions? It is a locally owned pizza place, and Fern Creek Favorite, it is award winning and has been mentioned on best Louisville Podcasts. I’ve submitted it with all of these different photos and even one from the inside, with no people in the picture.


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    This is about the best description I’ve used at least in my opinion — Sicilian’s Pizza was established in 2008 and is popular hangout for Fern Creek residents of all types and is listed as one of Louisville’s top 5 pizza places by State of Louisville Podcast in 2022.

    I’ve tried different descriptions thinking that was the problem. Here is a simple one — A great local pizza place in Fern Creek

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    I like your first description best. In your supporting info, be sure to include a link to to the award. I'm not sure if reviewers will be impressed by top 5 in Louisville, it will depend on how picky they are and how many pizza places are in Louisville, but giving proof of the award should help.

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    Imagining myself in the shoes of a reviewer, I think some may not find top 5 that impressive, but considering the size of the city they probably should.

    I think the real issue with this particular award is that it comes from a podcast. When I read that, I think something along the lines of "A podcast? Any random person can start a podcast. I've never heard of this one. Why should I take a random podcast's list seriously?"

    Basically, I think the award would carry more weight if it were from a source like an established newspaper, a magazine, a local radio or TV station, a major travel website... anything but a podcast. (But then that's probably partly my age showing.)

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    So of the pictures what meets the criteria best? In your opinion of course personally I like showing the door and everything but sometimes is that an issue? Should it be just the sign?

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    I’m not convinced this place is eligible.

    It’s a secondary location, and their web site says nothing about winning any awards, or even making top 5 of a podcast (honestly, if I read that it was top 5 in some unknown podcast I would just assume it was the nominator’s podcast). I have a feeling it was the other location that got top 5 in that podcast, at that.

    Sorry, I came into this thread looking for a way to help refine the submission so that it speaks to eligibility and reviewer expectations, and instead I can’t find facts that could underpin such improvement.

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    And this link has been included, and no not my podcast I care about poke stops but not that much lol. I’m merely irritated this one hasn’t made it when other places have.

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    I will try again thanks for the advice.

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    Since it has the Pizza Hut mark, I don't think it can be denied that it is a chain store.

    Isn't that a Pizza Hut franchise?

    Stores that have franchise agreements such as coffee shops tend to be rejected even if they are privately owned.

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    The Pizza Hut looks to me to be in a different shop.

  • 82quuu-PGO82quuu-PGO Posts: 25 ✭✭

    I also checked it on streetview.

    It's like a shopping mall with several shops.

    I think Pizza Hut is next door.

    Looking at Street View, I got the impression that the pizza place could be anywhere.

    The store may not look unique.

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    I'm not sure if this is relevant... But this happens in where I currently live:

    There were establishments and local businesses angered by the crowds / flocks of PoGo Trainers being around their business.

    I'm not sure if those Trainers did anything? Or these owners see things from the negative point of view? So many unpleasant incidences happened because of this, sometimes the authority was even alerted.

    I know some business owners contacted Niantic to have the PokeStop permanently removed. I'm not sure if the owner of your nomination did that?

    Now that I'm in the family of Wayfarer, these past incidences always reminds me to be very careful when I vote 'yes' for certain nominations.

    Another incident also affected my decision making. Although Niantic set simple and clear Acceptance Criteria for religious building, I always find it very hard to say yes to a particular nomination.

    At a very young age, there was a riot within the neighboring country. Innocent people were tortured to **** for no reasons. I remember seeing those horrific pictures in the floppy disc from my aunt. That was a nightmare for me.

    Now when I encounter nominations from that particular country, nominating their religious hall as Wayspot, those memories kicked in.

    I can always vote 'yes', thinking that it has nothing to do with me. But if an innocent life were lost because of my decision, I'm not sure I can live with that. Cause quite frequently, I read news that people there still do horrible things to international travelers.

    Sorry that this reply became so lengthy, and quite side tracked.

    Sometimes a good nomination may not be lucky enough to get logically thinking reviewers. Or particular reviewers know some dark history with regards to the nominated place, and that affected their decision making. Hence the nomination were rejected with weird reasons.

    I know this is against the Acceptance Criteria, and I'm sorry for your experience.

    Hopefully this explain the scenario in a different point of view. And you don't loose faith in the community 😊

    ** In case anyone wonder how I voted for the nominations from that country when it's related to religious building, I tried to be very objective based on: quality of picture, additional information provided, title and description accuracy including spelling mistakes, and correct placement of the Wayspot pin. Some I rejected, some I agreed. But I know those that I rejected had my score pulled down.

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