Stream Restoration - Move across road

Title of the Wayspot: Stream Restoration


(incorrect location): 39.120832, -77.214922


(Correct location): 39.120004, -77.217550


Gaithersburg, MD



Screenshot of the Rejection Email: Attached


1.    Map of area. Pokestop is at very western edge of Malcolm King Park. Area in between brackets and with a red X on map is a sewage facility. IT IS NOT SAFE TO BE THERE. The general public cannot go there without trespassing through yards, or literally walking/swimming down stream. I am a member of the City's environmental off-trails team, and that is not an area that I would go without safety equipment. Accordingly, I do not have close up pictures. The red circle next to Lake Halcyon is where the actual "Stream Restoration" sign is located.

2.    Photo of the alleged stop as close as I can get, but would need to enter sewage section downstream to go further. There are no paths down this way.

3.    The actual sign pictured in this pokestop, again, located next to Lake Halcyon, not in Malcolm King Park. Please note the number "2" on this sign. I note that all of these signs are located in the Lake Halcyon area, NONE are in Malcolm King Park. A review of the pokestops around Lake Halcyon confirms this.

4.    Adjacent to the real "Stream Restoration" sign is the "What is Bioengineering" sign. Image 3 is the in-game stop for this sign.

5.    Photo of real "Stream Restoration" sign next to "What is Bioengineering" sign. Note the "2" that was visible in the closeup photo of the real sign, and also visible on the misplaced pokestop.

6.    A map showing the location of the "What is bioengineering" pokestop. The "Stream Restoration" stop should be next to that stop, not off in a yard/sewage dump inaccessible (and literally unsafe) to the public).



information: As can be seen from other pokestops around Lake Halcyon, all of the signs are numbered. Stream Restoration is #2. The two gyms are "Muddy Branch - The Stream info post" (number3), and "Stream Erosion info post" (number 5). The numbers increase as you go clockwise around the lake, it would not make sense for the property owners (the Izaak Walton League) to stick their second info post along a sewage dump and across a 4 road, 45 mph road, on property that the City of Gaithersburg owns.  

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