Request to move Wayspot about 5 meters

Title of the Wayspot: Corning Opera House

Current Location: 40.99006, -94.73429

Proposed Location: 40.99004, -94.73418

City: Corning, Iowa

Country: USA

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

I would like to move this Wayspot to the new location shown by the Green circle in the image below. Currently, because there are 3 Wayspots in the S2 Level 17 cell, this Wayspot does not show up in Pokemon Go. A move of approximately 5 meters to the East should allow it to appear in both Ingress and Pokemon Go without any adverse effects.

Street view:

The Corning Opera House is an important and historic part of the city of Corning and should appear in both games if possible. Thank you!



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