【Translated Japanese into English】Not reflected in the game after approval (criteria confirmed)

This discussion assumes that category does not exist and uses other.

I got my new spot approved the other day.

However, although it was reflected on the game in Ingress, it is not reflected in Pokemon GO.

More than 20m from other spots, S2 cell standards are strictly adhered to, and there are no spots that have been deleted in the past on land with access problems such as private land.

It seems that the problem of prosperity is caused by the influence of the problem of the reflection standard that happened in the past.

After this, the target Waypoint will be described, so please check it.

It is a spot that I applied for because I wanted to convey the charm of the shop. Thank you.



approval time:2022/08/28 18:55 JST‎(UTC+9)‎ 

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