Niantic no longer accepted shopping mall/ plaza as wayspot

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edited August 31 in Criteria Clarifications

In the previous clarification Niantic stated that str!p malls are eligible to be wayspots because they are good place for social. As not as the nomination is:

  • A conclusive visual indicator of the whole shopping place
  • Having multiple shops in it

Yet, my recent nomination was automatically selected to be reviewed by Niantic, and they rejected it.

It is a visual indicator of the whole shopping place, and having restaurants, cafe, retail shop, convinces shop. It supposed to fulfill Niantic’s previous criteria, but it no longer available.

I acknowledge that str!p mall seems to be generic. The reason I submitted it is because I have no idea they withdraw that eligible criteria.

By the way, I can’t type supporting information in my nomination because it instantly went to in voting by Niantic.


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