Mural inside building/ accessible to the public vs public access

So I work in a building that has a great mural. The building itself is accessible 7am to 5pm, but it’s not entirely the intention of the building to be “publicly accessed”. The building is offices of mixed agencies, and people come and go for various reasons that don’t work there depending on who they are there to see. So generally people come here who generally have some form or business, but no one is stopping anyone from accessing/telling anyone to leave unless they’re being a disruption. If you were passing by and wanted to come in and use the restroom you could and would not be stopped or asked to leave, but admittedly you COULD legally be asked to leave. lastly, the murals are there in the first place to be seen/admired by passerbys.

Also the outside surrounding area is public and even has a picnic area. And the building itself small enough the waypoint would be accessible 24/7, in game, without evening needing to be in the building. I don’t know if that last point is supposed to be factored into approvals/rejections.


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    Public access is not a requirement. Safe pedestrian access by someone who can rightfully be there (employee, customer, janitor, what have you) is the threshold. Nowhere has Niantic ever said that a POI has to be accessible to everybody. Given the great distances of the globe that would be impossible and unreasonable.

    What you’ll run into with an indoor nomination is a way to prove location. Your mural isn’t likely to be visible on the map (unless it is on the roof), so you’ll first have to demonstrate that the mural is in the building you claim it is, and then where it is within that building. These are both important steps to establishing credibility with your reviewers. If you can, I have found that a supporting image taken from outside the front door, showing the subject inside, will work. If that isn’t feasible, I recommend a Photosphere and trying to find an external information source about the piece to link to in the supporting to provide 3rd party support for your claims.

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    Which of these best represents your mural?

    To add from the comments above, the burden of "permanence" is also carried by the submitter.

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