This joke stops being funny - trail markers


Could you please provide a clarification, and relevant action where required, in relation to another slate of low quality "trail markers" - are these acceptable or not?

There are two kinds - one is an utility company marker where they indicate where cables/pipes run while the latter is a sign painted on a tree. For either of these there is no indication as to where exactly it is situated and the name indicating it's location is made up by the submitter.

Ł 001 - słupek orientacyjny

Street Address: Armii Krajowej 25, 83-330 Żukowo, Poland

Ł 011 słupek orientacyjny

Street Address: Armii Krajowej 42, 83-330 Żukowo, Poland

Ł 06 słupek orientacyjny

Street Address: 9C66+3C Leźno, Poland

Czerwony szlak rowerowy w Dolinie Ewy

Street Address: CG59+77 Gdańsk, Poland

Słupek orientacyjny LP 2|105

Street Address: Droga Węglowa, Gdańsk, Poland

Biały 49

Street Address: DK91 23, 83-110 Tczew, Poland

22.44 km oznaczenia szlaku turystycznego Wzgórz Szymbarskich

Street Address: Malachitowa 17, 80-298 Gdańsk, Poland

Niebieski szlak rowerowy Kościerska - początek

Street Address: Owczarnia 51, 80-299 Gdańsk, Poland

The above examples are from 10 minutes of reviewing, there's clearly more and good quality submissions get drowned in the pool of these. Can you please clarify whether these are acceptable and if not, completely remove them from the review queue to speed up the review process for quality submissions?

I am aware of the post by @NianticTintino-ING but these are painted on the trees, do not have any name written on them and they are sometimes 20m spaced apart.

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