Removal of wayspot & Change location

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Dear Naintic,

We, as a group in the Netherlands, Zoetermeer create Mosaic Tiles, to brighten up the neighborhood. And some of them, we nominate as Wayspots, and they got accepted too. But just a few days ago, they got destroyed by some kids... We took them out of the ground, because they are really broken and dogs could hurt themselfs, and thats not what we want. Maybe you could remove the pokéstop for me, so it will be right again, and we're gonna nominate the new wayspot when we have new one.

Its next to this one,

The wayspot is called Diglet (yes a typo in the wayspot. ) Mozaïektegel.

This one got destroyed.

Hope you understand this.


I have another question, on this topic,

We have a gym, and the location is not right, its about this one:

The wayspot is real, I walk there always, but the location is not right,

52.07433375594136, 4.501030393803755

This is the coordinates that the gym is suppost to be.

I've tryed moving this gym a while ago but it wouln'd go thru... I was already creating an topic about the tiles, and i thought this is the best way.

With kind regards,

Lars // reenemsraL

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