Questionable Appeal Decision for a Trail Marker


I submitted a trail marker that was rejected by the community. So far, so normal (sadly).

I appealed it and was pretty surprised that it got rejected by Niantic too.

Reason: The trail marker is generic.

This is the wayspot in question:

Title: RadQuadrat - Station Im Stadtgarten

I mean, of course it is in a way "generic", but that should not be a rejection reason for trail markers, since it is in the nature of these to be kinda generic.

I referred to NianticGiffard's statement that includes any (biking) trail markers as valid candidates as long as they are connected to an official route:

"As you are aware, we consider any marker on a hiking trail as acceptable since our goal is to have folks explore. Even a small marker on a trail will encourage players to cover more of the trail if there are more Wayspots on the way." - NianticGiffard

Everything else should be clear. I added a description mentioning, what makes this trail unique. The position is easily verifiable. I also added two articles. The first shows that this is indeed the official sign of a verified trail. Here is the link again:

And furthermore I mentioned a price that this trail won in a competition throughout germany. Here is the proof:

Taking into account all these information, I really don't understand, why the trail marker got rejected and I would like you to overthink that decision.

Thanks in regard,



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