National monuments Canal and Earthen Wall eligibility?

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Some info:

"Het Defensiekanaal" (The Defence Canal), is a canal that runs through my hometown that was dug right before the second world war to defend against tanks in case of a german invasion. When this invasion did happen, there was heavy fighting around this canal and the rest of my hometown for a few days. Next to the canal is also an earthen wall build with earth from excavating the canal, this wall was also used in the defences.

The canal and the earthen wall were part of a defensive line that is called the Peel-Raamstelling. Both have been granted status as national monuments by the Dutch government.



I have multiple questions about a potential nomination:

-Are these eligible without signs? At least in my hometown, there are no signs that I can find about this canal or wall specific. There are a lot of other signs about various war relics along the canal that mention them, but none about the canal or wall themselves. There is 1 sign with just the name of the canal on a bridge but the bridge itself is already a wayspot.

-If eligible, where would I drop the location? The canal is about 40 kilometers long, the wall is missing in some places but runs the same distance. At one of the 2 ends of the canal? Every town it passes through? At a bridge?

-If eligible, what happens if someone else along the 40 kilometers decides to nominate it in another location, duplicate problem?


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    That's an interesting situation - thanks for sharing it.

    Being 40k long, it's more similar to a trail (than, say, a statue). And the guidance for a trail is that wayspots have to be on a marker of some kind. If I visited your town, I'd be interested in the wall and canal. But I don't think you can pick a spot to pin a wayspot without something unique to pin it upon. Maybe a sign will go up someday. Or maybe you'll think of something else unique along there.

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