Invalid POI - The West "By Gawd" Virginian

Title of the Wayspot: The West "By Gawd" Virginian

Location: 33.865277,-84.297821

City: Atlanta

Country: USA

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to Support your Claim:

The pin is located by the dumpster of an apartment complex. There is no famous airplane replica model here. Satellite view:

Additional Information:

The actual plane is located in front of The 57th Fighter Group Restaurant, northwest of the reported location (33.872312,-84.305753).

Because the actual plane is a POI, I marked the one I reported as a "duplicate". But because the two POI are far apart, it might have come across as confusing (maybe I should have just reported as "permanently removed").

Correct location of POI as displayed in database:



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