Pokestop Nomination should be open at level 20

As we all know the previous level requirement for pokestop Nomination was level 38 which was upgraded to level 37. I started to play Pokemon go a long time ago almost a year ago. I found it very hard to complete each level after level 20. Because the required xp was way too much because there was no pokestop near or even at a very distance in my area. Luckily I went to a different city for study and then i played Pokemon go. But my point is that nomination is a function that helps players to build a way spot to play Pokemon go or ingress. If players cant use this feature early on then whats the benefit of it. A lot of new players are leaving Pokemon go and ingress because of the lack of ways pot. So I think level 20 is a sweet spot for unlocking nomination feature. It is not extremely hard and also not very easy as well. So Niantic please think about this topic.


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