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nominations stuck on same day in voting/in queue

when submitting 2 poi the same day, 1 goes into voting and the other stays in queue. I got this on 3 different dates: 22-07-2022, 05-01-2022, 24-11-2020

Also: please fix the system because waiting times +2 year 'in voting' is insane. Suggestions were made in the past.

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  • Hey @GokuAragorn-PGO,

    The time taken for a submission to get into voting and to be reviewed may be affected by many factors like the backlog of submissions in the queue or the number of active reviewers in the community. As we announced in our December AMA, our top priority for 2023 is to reduce the time it takes for Explorers to receive resolution on Nominations, Appeals, and Edits. We are testing new solutions, devoting internal resources, and more to bring your average resolution time down to a short expected turnaround time period.


  • kawin240-INGkawin240-ING Posts: 681 Ambassador

    There is currently a system in place where only one nomination in and around a S2 Level 17 cell can go into voting without an upgrade. That's probably what happened to you. You can look at these cells on a map by using the S2 Region Coverer website.

    If you live in a region with a higher Wayspot density, your nominations in that location will be reviewed slower, so someone who nominates in Los Angeles waits 3 years without upgrades, someone in a small rural area might only need to wait 3 days

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