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There is a trail located out behind my college campus dedicated for hiking and also used as a cross country horse practicing and racing trails. On these trails there are many different types and designed horse jumps and training areas IE (photos attached). I was wondering before I created a load of nominations how would you rate these stops thinking as if they were labeled as "UNH Horse Training Area #1... #2..." , or " UNH Horse Jump on (Trail Name) #1...#2..." I don't want all the nominations to be declined and or something like natural feature when they are some sort of trail markers and or cool things to know about on the Campus. Please help!



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    It seems similar to the idea of a fitness trail for humans. Whether they would all be accepted for me depends on how far apart they are. If they are all in one area and meant to be used as a whole, I would rate it as one thing. If they were a significant distance apart (and preferably different different types of jumps), they could be separately eligible. In that case, I would prefer them named for the obstacle types and not just 1 2 3, but I understand you might not be able to find what they are called.

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    I would want to more.

    I think the principle under consideration would be

    A). is this one POI - made up of several parts

    B). or is each part distinct

    Case A equates to something like a golf course. Each individual hole is not eligible but the course as a whole is. Normally marked asa POI at the tee for hole 1

    Case B would be like a fitness trail (as opposed to a fitness area where they are grouped together) where each piece of equipment can be considered. I tend to think of these that although someone might do the whole well spaced out trail, someone might just come and use one piece of equipment.

    So I would want to see a map or something that gives more details.

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    If that's a horse training area, is it safe for pedestrians to stay there looking at their phones?

    You'll have to place the nomination in a location that it's safe.

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    I’m not into it.

    I don’t think these are good subjects, and I kind of despise when submissions are numbered because it tells me they’re not special. Maybe if they had unique names, but this also feels like a stretch. I would compare them to generic bridges, which Giffard said to reject.

    The first image in particular does not clearly show a distinguishable feature. I think it needs to better convey what it is at a glance.

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    what if i were to do only the certain ones that are ore distinct horse obstacles and label them as what they are. Instead of doing every single obstacle on the trails making a list and counting 1 2 3 I do something more like this is Obstacle name training area on blank trail. Also these are marked trails for people to walk on so the pedestrian access wouldn't be an issue they are meant for anyone to walk on not just set aside for cross country horses. The only occurrence of that would be when there is an event being held on them and then there would also be spectator safe areas for those events. I understand it could be repetitive but it is also educational to outsiders who may not know what horse racing is as a sport and i think if done right could be a cool POI

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    https://horserookie.com/different-types-of-horse-jumps/ labeling the jumps off of something like this instead of 1 2 3 ....

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    Also off subject to the horses. Your saying that the golf course itself can be a poi but each hole cant. What if each hole on a Disc golf course is unique would you still rationalize it to be too repetitive. Because also on my college campus there is a 9 hole disc golf area that I thought may be a cool thing to have as POI's.

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    There are clear statements that golf courses and disc golf can only be a single poi. Based on the logic above. A comparison can be made to something like a baseball field where you would be able to submit 1 poi for the field. You couldn’t submit one for each base. The golf course is like that only more spread out.

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    It's not just about being repetitive. It's unsafe to wander around a golf course or disc gold course, staring at your phone. You could be hit in the head by a ball or frisbee. Same for each base in baseball. You could get hit.

    And they're part of a whole. And Niantic has clearly stated that they're not ok.

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