Abusive Locations Bennstedt

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Baumlehrpfad „Gemeine Hasel“ (51.481314,11.82688)

Baumlehrpfad „Rot-Buche“ (51.481626,11.827062)

Baumlehrpfad „Gemeiner Flieder“ (51.480784,11.826893)

Baumlehrpfad „Berg-Kiefer“ (51.481485,11.825707)

I noticed that the locations of these 4 wayspots don't make sense. Everywhere in the photos you can see a hedge or something similar in the background, but the locations are placed in the middle of a private front yard or in a backyard. However, the correct location of these 4 wayspots can still be easily found out. On each of the boards is the heading "Tree trail playground Bennstedt". So let's take a look at the playground.

Spielplatz an der alten Scheune (51.481448,11.826329)


What do we see in the photo of the playground? The playground and... Jackpot! In the background, the information boards for the tree nature trail are lined up next to each other.

This means that all wayspots belong there: 51.481155, 11.826476



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